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He decided to go to Bombay after a brief stay in Karachi. Page-Drake of Kensington, who had invited Jinnah to stay as a guest. The couple resided in Bombay now Mumbai and frequently travelled to Europe.

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He was very impressed by Dadabhai, a Parsi from Bombay. They are not religions in the strict sense of the word, but are, in fact, different and distinct social orders, and it is a dream that the Hindus and Muslims can ever evolve a common nationality, and this misconception of one Indian nation has troubles and will lead India to destruction if we fail to revise our notions in time. Jinnah hit the headlines in this case; it was remarkable how a year-old statesman of the Congress and an eminent lawyer had entrusted his defence to a young Muslim barrister. He was more interested in playing outside with his friends than focusing on his studies. He demanded a separate state for Muslims as the Congress leaders were not willing to share power with the Muslim League. But when the Congress president expressed objections to implementing the plan, Jinnah also voted against it. Dadabhai Naoroji presided over the session with Jinnah serving as his secretary. The third was made up of Bengal and Assam, with a narrow Muslim majority. I will have nothing to do with this pseudo-religious approach to politics. The first is the very onerous and responsible task of framing the future constitution of Pakistan and the second of functioning as a full and complete sovereign body as the Federal Legislature of Pakistan. He again started to work as a lawyer in England. Apart from his upbringing according to the traditions and ethics of a religious family, the Victorian moral code not only colored his social behavior but also greatly affected his professional conduct as a practicing lawyer. The economic system of the West has created almost insoluble problems for humanity and to many of us it appears that only a miracle can save it from disaster that is not facing the world. Their vigor, determination, enthusiasm, persistence, sensibility are more than usual. Islam gives us a complete code.

I was treated on the same basis as Mr Gandhi. In London, he received the tragic news of the death of his mother and first wife. They had moved to Karachi inhaving married before their departure.

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The power of their thought and heart are more than usual. Their vigor, determination, enthusiasm, persistence, sensibility are more than usual. In the aftermath of the conflict, some Anglo-Indians, as well as Indians in Britain, called for greater self-government for the subcontinent, resulting in the founding of the Indian National Congress in He started working for the privilege of his country. Jinnah gained great esteem from leading the case for Sir Pherozeshah, himself a noted barrister. Quotes about Jinnah[ edit ] One of the most extraordinary men in history. Gradually, many differences between them had arisen. This put Jinnah under great difficulty. Three Round Table Conferences followed over as many years, none of which resulted in a settlement. The council, which had been expanded to 60 members as part of reforms enacted by Minto, recommended legislation to the Viceroy. On 16 May , the British announced plan for a united India.

The foundation of our Islamic code is that we stand for liberty, equality and fraternity. Ahmed further avers that those scholars who have painted the later Jinnah as secular have misread his speeches which, he argues, must be read in the context of Islamic history and culture.

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