2008 civil law bar questions

Did the judge gravely abuse his discretion in acting on the motion without waiting for the hearing set for the motion? Jessica and Jenny had a hotel built on the properties. The other vie! The supplemental complaint alleged petitioner"s subsequent acts in asserting its rights as such purported obligee and mortgagor.

Marian and Pietro were hacked with bolos. There is therefore no need for a defense la! The first was a de! Gustavo now wants Felipe to pay him in cash the amount of P5, The contract also granted Iris the right of first refusal to purchase the property at any time during the lease, if Dux decides to sell the property at the same price that the property is offered for sale to a third party.

Felipe refused to pay him again, claiming that Gustavo is estopped from raising the issue of legal tender, having accepted the check in March, and that it was Gustavo's negligence in not depositing the check immediately that caused the check to become stale. Accordingly, the trial court allowed Alma to post bail and then ordered her release.

His bank refused to accepted the check because it had become stale. In JuneArturo requested Robert to pay ahead of time but the latter refused and insisted on the agreement.

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