A comparison of roosevelt kennedy and reagan influential affect on america

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His presidency endowed the progressive movement with credibility, lending the prestige of the White House to welfare legislation, government regulation, and the conservation movement. It was before Vietnam, before Watergate, before the deaths of our heroes like Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King —when we had a sense in this country that if we all joined together we could fulfill our loftiest goals.

Franklin D. And that worldwide belief among hard-headed investors is more likely to be accurate than the doomsday prophecies of our own pundits.

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That is the true genius of this nation. But we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense. It's not hard to imagine that the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, so deftly handled by FDR during WWII, would have been minimized and a less militarist and dangerous conflict might have emerged. But when it comes to the foreign policy performance of the elder President Bush the track record is actually pretty good. That said, it is a pretty sure thing that most historians will approve of the recent moves toward detente with the Soviet Union, in part because most historians are liberal but also because if present indicators hold up, Reagan will have done the right thing. And Bush offered little response as North Korea officially became a member of the nuclear club during his presidency. Events during the next few years will tell-and will thereby color our judgment of the Reagan record. They shot rope ladders over the face of these cliffs and began to pull themselves up. For half a century, we called upon unbounded invention and untiring industry to create an order of plenty for all of our people. He was the Jefferson Lecturer for The Immigration Act of abolished the discriminatory national-origins quota system.

He and the people around him were able to deal with it only by pandering to it. Wilson was a dangerous interventionist in Latin America and a dangerous utopian in Europe. In sum, President Roosevelt greatly increased the responsibilities of his office.

He surrounded himself with supplicants like Walt Rostow who told him what he wanted to hear and got rid of those who offered a dissenting view for example, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

In recent months, conservatives have argued that tax reform and tax cuts have made it difficult for politicians coming after Reagan to Postulate the necessity for creative spending; to insist that government, if properly concerned for the unfortunate, should throw money at social problems.

A comparison of roosevelt kennedy and reagan influential affect on america

Finally, in the last year of his presidency Carter moved further to the right, expanded the defense budget, heated up the anti-Soviet rhetoric, partly in response to the invasion of Afghanistan but also with one eye on Election Like so many of his predecessors Carter allowed politics to play a far too significant role in his foreign policy decision-making. William Westmoreland, center, in South Vietnam, , drew on the power of his office to prosecute the Vietnam War. Whether that was just plain dumb luck or brilliant politics Reagan's biographers will argue for a long time to come. But the Carter Doctrine to protect the Persian Gulf was an under appreciated mistake that expanded the US security umbrella in the defense of. It provided, in , financial aid to the aged, infirm, and unemployed when they could no longer provide for themselves. His decision in late to expand the war in Afghanistan—albeit with withdrawal timelines—rekindled worries about an imperial presidency. W Bush Generally speaking when "president" and "Bush" are used in the same sentence these days, rarely does the word "success" also appear more on that later. Roosevelt also revolutionized foreign affairs, believing that the United States had a global responsibility and that a strong foreign policy served the country's national interest. And that all started with FDR and his first fireside chat. Truman Harry Truman has in the nearly 50 years since he left the White House grown significantly in the estimation of both the public and many historians. Such is the fate of those who delegitimate but do not overturn the status quo. Crisis management is a fairly essential part of the job of president and few of the holders of the top job did it as well as Kennedy did in the Fall of It has a ground in envy and resentment, which are the fashionable modern responses to eminence and distinction of every kind.

He speaks about the importance of preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, and proposes that the U. He was also a non-partisan on foreign policy issues; a far cry from Truman or the presidents who would follow in his footsteps.

They involve business that is far from complete.

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Power and the Presidency, From Kennedy to Obama