A review of the story of susan faludi and backlash

In some sense he must be right, for women, once they emerge from the dictates of others and the behaviour and manners dictated by others, will not want to re-create a society that repeats the patterns that have in some ways suited men so well, and themselves so very ill.

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The revised English edition includes later news taking us to the Anita Hall case and the reactions to Thelma and Louise. Women are afraid in a world in which almost half the population bears the guise of the predator, in which no factor — age, dress or colour — distinguishes the man who will harm a woman from one who will not.

States, religions, governments, parties, academics, philosophies — all have interested themselves in the control of woman, the regulation, ownership and operation of her body.

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We who are older have now some reason for optimism, for a belief that the young have not had their spirit broken nor their minds unhinged by coming of age in the Reagan-Thatcher era. But in some parts of the world marriage is very literally slavery.

Faludi describes the fashion and cosmetic industries "little girl" clothing designs and the emphasis on frills, flounces and "feminising" as an eruption of resentment by the fashion industry towards the increasingly independent buying habits of female shoppers.

Faludi's dark portrait of the new men's movement could also be many shades grayer, tinged with some acknowledgment of mixed male feelings. She says "Faludi's analysis accounts for not only anti-feminism but for the resurgence of racism and explains why the most virulent expressions of both have tended to come from those hurting from social and economic dislocation.

These willfully fictitious media campaigns added up to an antifeminist Backlash. In so doing it missed the point

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Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi