Accepted and discarded knowledge essay

However, the question explicitly asks for Knowledge Issues. For example, in my Physics class we learned about the plum pudding model that was developed in the early s by J. To what Extent is new knowledge better than old knowledge and therefore can knowledge be permanent? In this day and age we are used to taking almost every piece of information with a grain of salt. Gaining knowledge has been an extensive process; from understanding the moon cycle to creating genetically modified species. There are seven official ways of knowing according to the Theory of Knowledge text book provided by the IB Diploma Program, these are: language, reason, perception, emotion, memory, imagination, and intuition. However by using sense perception to read the text and using reason, many claimed that these books should not be included to the Bible because there are references about magic that is inconsistent with the rest of the Bible. While it may seem straightforward, certain issues arise when we brand mathematics as infallible. Hello guys! Therefore our knowledge can be changed and discarded over time. This is accelerated by the rapid development of technology to allow new investigations into knowledge within the areas of human and natural sciences It does not mean that whatever we believe in is to be refuted sometime in the future.

Probably the most famous example of this is the German mathematician David Hilberds 21st problem. When we compare the two disciplines in an objective light, it seems to be that science, while accepted as extremely reliable turns out to be very subjective to the popular thinking of the times.

In science it is believed that the standards for scientific evidence is based on the results of statistical analysis and the strength of scientific controls, and by using the advancements in telescopes and astrophysics has helped in providing information and evidence that reasons and proves the theory.

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Once an axiom has been chosen, then and only then will the final answer be certain in our example, only once we decided we are looking for the median could we follow the rules of maths to find the only possible correct answer - 3. The Flat Earth theory was not substituted for many centuries.

However back in AD that is not the case. Related Interests. Before we discuss the essay title, we have to understand the definition of knowledge.

Accepted and discarded knowledge essay

There are three of them the mean, median and mode.

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That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded Essay