All year school essay

They love us and teach us kindly. My mother is a lecturer. Only fond memories — a home away from home: For me, it was a home away from home. We also get a small lecture daily from our principal for around 10 minutes regarding the etiquette, character formation, moral education, respecting others and acquiring good values.

A really big and sweet family under the command of a kind captain. It truly impacts the life of students. Therefore, the school is not the name of a place where the children crowd together and do nothing meaningful.

Students, teachers, and money do not need to be effected by a transition like this. We go to school by bus.

year round school essay title

Fortunately, our school has the best learning environment. Those students are really fortunate who are having the kind look of energetic and efficient teachers. Early Days at My School: I started my studies here as a student of standard 7.

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My School Essay for All Class Students