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Queries never irritate him, and he answers them very politely. It is the teacher who makes us livable in the society and develops the capacity to think and understand. She used to give us so many projects, which helped us improve our subject knowledge.

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I appreciate his teaching a lot. She is not only jovial and kind but is also string whenever needed. All the boys respect and love her. Her friendly approach is very much liked by everyone in the class. She is very kind to the weak and poor. Such teachers are real assets to our school. Sanjana kausik.

He helps the writing in the smooth running of the school. She takes test after teaching two or three topics. However, we had a lot of fun during her classes as we had been told the jokes in English. I am very grateful for having such a teacher in my life. He is very enthusiastic and always motivated us for doing our best in the study.

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She is held in high esteem by all the inmates of the school. She goes to her home with us in the school bus where we enjoy a lot by singing songs and reciting poems in the bus. She uses easy and appropriate ways to teach us good things. They are favourite to one and all. She also asks questions about the same topic on next day. My Favourite Teacher Essay 6 words My favorite teacher is my science teacher. He is famous in the whole school for making the class happy with the gentle jokes but he also wants the students to make sure that they study well and secures good marks in the examinations. A teacher is a significant part of students life. We always feel blessed by God on having a lovely teacher like sir Rajesh. Similarly, teachers also shape us with amalgam of fear and discipline, so that we can move towards a better future. His deepness of knowledge in his Subject is incredible.

Reasons for being My Favourite In fact, he is the ideal teacher as well as the deputy principal of our school. Mrs Rajni is favourite popular with the students.

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She never start next topic until we all understand the last one very well.

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