Ancient greeks contributions

He did this by comparing the altitudes of the mid-day sun at two different locations.

ancient greece

Athletes from across the globe used to participate in a number of competitions, including discus and javelin throw. Artistic rendering of the Library of Alexandria, based on some archaeological evidence. A Lot, It Turns Out.

Ancient Greeks invented the much simpler ancestor of the modern crane to lift heavy objects for building. For example, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the earth and drew up plans for steam power.

Again, I cannot stress enough that I have not even scratched the surface here. Central Heating - The Greeks invented a type of central heating where they would transfer hot air from fires to empty spaces under the floors of temples.

Crane - The Greeks invented the crane to help lift heavy items such as blocks for constructing buildings. Jurors had to be citizens of at least 30 years of age.

The most famous example of Greek architecture is the Parthenon, a grand building with pillars located in Athens.

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Ancient Greece for Kids: Science and Technology