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The animals will now meet on Sundays to salute the flag, sing "Beasts of England," and receive their orders for the week. How does Orwell make fun of bureaucracy? Chapters 9 - 10 They probably are guilty of not wholeheartedly supporting Napoleon's policies. Explain why the animals confessed to being traitors. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. Why was the singing of "Beasts of England" banned?

He orders the hens' food rations cut off. Explain the windmill controversy from Napoleon's point of view. The windmill has been finished, but instead of generating electricity to help all the animals, it is used for milling corn to make money for the pigs.

How is Napoleon becoming more and more like a typical dictator? The pigs are the only ones that give any resolutions at the meetings.

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The hens must give up their eggs for sale so that meal and grain can be purchase for the good of all 33 How does Napoleon react when the hens rebel against his orders? How did Napoleon get rid of Snowball and gain full control of the animals? There is no strategic defense planned for the farm. He thought that Snowball betrayed them in their revolution against Mr. Why was Comrade Napoleon "dying"? Death is the punishment. What was his solution? Not only did he plan the battle in advance, he bravely fought with the animals. He is a donkey from the novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell.

What commandment took the place of the Seven Commandments? The animals couldn't tell the pigs from the humans.

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The windmill has been finished, but instead of generating electricity to help all the animals, it is used for milling corn to make money for the pigs. People generally need to look forward to something 48 What happens to Boxer? How is the windmill destroyed? The four pigs who are taken first are the same four who had disagreed previously with Napoleon's decisions. The flag was green for the green fields of England. What are they? He had tried to stop them from taking Boxer, but was unable to do so. Sugarcandy Mountain is like their heaven. Most of the animals can't read, and they are taken advantage of. Mollie boxer clover these three were horses They learn how to make beer and take the land that was to be used by the retired animals, so that they can plant barley 44 Why are the animals so easily fooled, even when they find Squealer with a ladder and white paint beside the barn at night? Also he lived in separate quarters, was not seen in public very often, had guards to protect him, and had ceremonies for his birthday, for example.

Napoleon, Squealer, and Minimus, the poet, sit on a raised platform, The nine dogs sit in a semicircle around the three, and the other pigs sit behind them. What is the new commandment and how has it been true from the beginning? They are troubled and think they remember a resolution against trade with humans.

There are no longer any differences between them.

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