Building communtiy through isolation essay

Later, I called him to update him on state of the art prosthetics. Co-housing, community living, or co-living in particular may be one possible solution for the endemic loneliness and social isolation challenges that we face as my colleague Jonathan Schifferes has also argued. Keep connecting with people, and in time, you will have a community.

I was furious at half my friends for failing to grasp the hell we were living through. And if I die, my kids will be surrounded people who know and love them, quirks and warts and oddities and all.

With the advent of computer networks and "virtual communities," however, some feel that electronic technologies can actually be used to strengthen the bonds of community and reverse America's declining social capital.

importance of unity in a community

As Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam puts it, these technologies are increasingly "privatizing our leisure time" and "undermining our connections with one another and with our communities. I did not want to miss another birthday party.

She beamed. The real promise of electronic networks, he said, is that they bring people together in new ways.

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Civic Networks: Building Community On the Net