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Of course, Cantonese culture established its roots many centuries ago as part of the unique history of the Guangdong province. For instance, artists of Lingnan penjing tend to spend much time choosing a pot that matches those plants.

I have resisted this for two reasons — one practical and one ideological.

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All of these are primarily sung and expressed using the Cantonese language. Folk songs[ edit ] The Cantonese language has a very rich collection of folk songs, [23] [24] many of which can be traced back to the ancient Nanyue people before sinicization of the region.

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I consider English language news and opinion generated by the Hong Kong opposition as a key element in the specifics of Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. You may notice that a lot of these traditions revolve around drinks.

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The relaxation of immigration laws after World War II allowed for subsequent waves of migration to the Western world from southeastern mainland China , Hong Kong and Macau. The ability to converse with people whose native language is Cantonese will help you to learn more about the unique culture, including Cantonese cuisine, history, music, art, and much more. Macau also became a Portuguese settlement. Of the Chinese citizens settling in Hong Kong in that time fewer of them said they could speak Cantonese, one of the city's official Chinese languages. It began in the 11th century and became popularized in the late 16th century. This is the state of affairs for most native English speaking foreign-born people in Hong Kong including myself. Cantonese immigrants in the United States and Australia participated in the California Gold Rush and the Australian gold rushes of onwards, while those in Hawaii found employment in sugarcane plantations as contract labourers. A form of modern Cantonese music known as Cantopop is popular among the people of Malaysia, southern China, Taiwan, Singapore and, to some extent, Japanese people. Guangdong's uprising against the Qing dynasty in let to its naming as the "cradle of the Xinhai Revolution".

Hong Kong fears future of Cantonese culture Growing influence of Mandarin in the city is putting local culture at risk, observers say A Cantonese opera singer checks her make-up before a performance in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, for instance, started making Canton porcelain starting from the s and exported many of their products to the entire world, though nowadays, few Hongkongese work on this style of porcelain outside hobbyists, due to the fact that the city has shifted its focus to service and finance industries.

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