Class last will and testament

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I, Jaquevia Ludlow leave words of encouragement to the underclass students,what I mean is that I encourage them to do what needs to get done and don't goof off and get your work done. Some advice that I would give to the underclassmen and upcoming seniors is to do your work and turn it in on time!

Class last will and testament

Martin Lupiba and Fr. They brought with them even more dancers with steps never seen before. To our teachers, we leave many thanks for their leadership and kindness toward us. Billy Hunt bequeaths the remains of his one foot long cigar to Jerry Brower. The big boy in class is everything but the big bully. Being about to pass in this sphere of education, full of dreams and aspirations, and ready to face the challenges the future may uphold, realizing that years may come and go, but there will never be a year like this- do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. However, the great Romel Pareja is keeping that more as it is too much to handle for anyone else.

Jude Academy. Pythagoras is really nothing compared to these modern day mathematicians. You serve as our second parents.

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And among the fourth years, Donwill Loyd Lim has been chosen to represent the senior left-handed population as he pass on his skills to the junior left-handed population represented by Joseph Paul Lao.

Apply early and avoid the rush. Chess is a battle of strategy, technique, and brains. To the Juniors, we leave these qualities to your batch.

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Great changes will soon come our way. Theresa Puson, Ma. Our Alma Mater, St. Barbara Peterson leaves her love for working to Connie Chatham. China Looks to Arlington Ong. Fly High! She passes her tone and tongue to Cherylynn Cano. However in this case, the early bird goes home early. To our Alma Mater, we give our innermost gratitude for imparting to us those precious moments which are unforgettable and joyful. The graceful steps of Ma. Diana G.

Could they be the still waters that run deep? It's up to you to choose if your choices are right or wrong-no one else's choice.

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Last Will and Testament of Class