Coca cola communication effective communication communication channels

There are two chief ways of directing information — verbal communicating and non-verbal communicating. Global market of beverage products is highly competitive, and of the main strategies adopted by Coca-Cola Company involves engaging in intensive marketing initiatives.

These ads are prepared considering the local culture to avoid any misunderstandings due to the differences in the culture of different countries. This is achieved by making potential and existing customers exposed to intensive marketing campaigns through various channels. Pepsi advertise with about all of the trade names while Coca Cola chiefly advertise merely one trade name i.

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From the point of view of profitability, Coca-Cola was able to generate Every business person needs to understand the basics of effective communication. The billboards are usually placed at the city centres and highways around the globe as well as some parts of the rural areas. Creating awareness of the company and its products. Coca-Cola is a good example of a company who chooses the proper marketing communications. There are two key means of sending information — verbal connection and non-verbal conversation. Published By. The application of these measures to Coca-Cola marketing campaigns proves the campaigns to be efficient and positively contributing to the achievement of their aims and objectives.

Along with individual company websites, social media is the main communication of the modern era. However, Coca-Cola advertisement campaigns contribute to the achievement of the primary objective of profit maximisation in several ways.

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The successful business communication led to the growth of sales. This specific marketing objective is pursued by Coca-Cola Company as a secondary objective. According to Yang et al this specific example of product placement was highly unsuccessful and counter-productive for Coca-Cola.

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Coca Cola Communication Effective Communication Communication Channels Essay