Drexel architecture essay

If you did any campus visits or met with students or staff, this is the place to mention that.

Drexel architecture essay

For placements of transferring students into the appropriate studio or to receive an assessment of prior learning, the additional material has to be provided in hard copy form during a face-to-face interview.

They are known for their dedicated faculty and commitment to students who are experiencing hardship. Please provide all necessary information, data or artifacts in a clear and organized form during your portfolio review.

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Traditional art, Science, and History courses have brightened my desire to contribute in the field and increased my interest in a career in Architecture. Philadelphia offers an unparalleled collection of landmark buildings and examples of urban planning that span years. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.

A hard copy of this information is given to every student when he or she enters the program and can be viewed as a contract between the student and the university. If necessary, the students may be required to take additional classes as remediation if lacking skills or weak performance have become obvious.

Through my elective art classes I have learned about composition, form, color, and perspective, studies which have improved my technical ability while also allowing me to express my ideas creatively through painting, drawing, and sculpting.

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