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The direct competitors of ACB Page 9 of 25 nguyen.

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This program has the following major contents: 1 Clear definition Page 4 of 25 nguyen. EFE matrix example Total weighted score of 2. Brand reputation 7. Products such as insurances, mutual funds, fixed income securities as offered by non- banking companies, factors affecting threats of substitutes such as close customer relationships, switching cost, conservative customers.

Transaction though visa card increase How do I create the EFE matrix? VPBank find Page 12 of 25 nguyen. Government Policy is one of the important barrier for the potential companies.

This will calculate the total weighted score for the company.

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As for example few years ago one Thailand construction group tried to start business here in joint venture in with Shamsul Al Amin Group at Ashulia. Role of government policy The present rate of housing interest is very high and provision of housing finance at competitive rates will prove to be useful. By observation from 3 Real Estate Companies in Tangerang Selatan showed that August has the lowest unit sold within the area by only 24 units sold, even though the sales were increasing by September but the trend are still degrading until July The ACB continued to enjoy the highest level of profitability among commercial joint stock Banks. Most of the lighting products used by the real estate companies are locally produced. Rent house Threats from self construction in Dhaka city is low. For the ever increasing population of Dhaka city, at least 50, housing unit are required every year in Dhaka city. In the near future there is less possibility of declining of this demand condition. David, an EFE matrix helps strategists and managers generate and evaluate the External factors assessed in the EFE matrix that are subject to the will of social, economic, political, legal and other external forces. These strategies are applied at all business unit level. Following are some core values of ACB. As the established companies run construction projects concurrently, and so they can enjoy the economies benefit at bulk raw material purchase at comparatively cheaper price. So ultimately in there is a low threat of substitute of self construction in Dhaka city. Organization Model 3.

So ultimately in there is a low threat of substitute of self construction in Dhaka city. The sum of all weight assigned to the factors must equal 1.

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