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As a result, there should be either written or physical instruction on how to adequately complete the paperwork. Chelsea Peterson First and foremost, the legal issues need to be dealt with.

This would be a good alternative, since the cut-flower market is worth relatively less than the warehouse sales, allowing for a good learning experience for the new representative while not costing the company a lot of sales while they are still learning.

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If this fails to produce results, then Hoffman likely needs to be motivated by the stick. Next, Richardson should make sure that all of the staff knows that she wants them to succeed within the company and that she is available to discuss whatever is needed to make things clear with them. Torres is high on the need for autonomy, therefore Richardson can intrinsically motivate him by giving him the authority to handle the cut flower business alone. Hoffman is intrinsically motivated to be successful autonomously. Then, she should take the time to discuss with Vega her family situation and convey to her that Richardson cares about her personal issues. It was no longer about being taskmaster; it was about enablement and support. What might have helped Melissa Richardson get off to a better start? Richardson should have introduced her business level plan and business level strategy during the initial meeting. Chelsea Peterson First and foremost, the legal issues need to be dealt with. Combined with Ruizs high need for competency, it is likely he will work hard and embrace Richardsons training. She did not get any kind of knowledge about paper work and management issues which was required for this sales managers seat.

She knew if she want to be great sales manager she have to know each person on their team is different, therefore, she have to manage them accordingly to their unique needs and opportunities.

She did not give them a detail speech or instructions.

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Then, the cut flower business could be transferred to Gregorio Torres, who seems relatively interested in the cut- flower market and could take over these sales. As a sales representative she only had to focus on her performance to make strategies for her own or follow her bosss instructions but being a sales manager she had to learn to listen the role of sales managers has changed.

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Her immediate use of legal repercussion is also not acceptable. Recommendations: She should have taken some steps in the start to reshape the team members behavior She should take sum steps to remove the communication gap.

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Her attendance problem is the primary concern. Richardson settled into her new sales management position feeling unsure of her ability to lead teams due to the few management issues she had ever been exposed to in real life. Richardson needs to take advantage of this information and interact with Hoffman in a way that highlights these strengths. Finding new ways to motivate employees to look for the inefficiencies and create efficient solutions should be a long-term goal for management, but the most important goal of management currently is to maintain and grow the customer base they have in order to compete in the market. Some possible techniques for training new managers could be an orientation into the roles of management or shadowing current managers to see what typical situations one might face. She should have taken an orientation or should have asked for it. Finding a backup supplier or using multiple greenhouse facilities to grow flowers for that market would be a good way to reduce the risk of losing customers due to inadequate flower stock. If she already understood her job requirements like paper work, management issues and process covered in the classes then she would be able to better handle paper work assigned from her regional manager. She believed on having empathy, remembering what it was like when she sold. Analysis of Richardson Richardson did a few things right immediately when she started. She had been the top salesperson from the Chicago division.
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