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As I watch the health care debate, one of my greatest concerns is that there is very little emphasis on identifying the causes of the problem.

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The statistics show that research was done on the topic by providing all of the work that was done As we tinker with the health of an entire nation, should we be any less diligent in our diagnosis? This placed a burden on our health care system and the well-being of many families.

The only way to curtail these rising costs will be to reduce demand by rationing care. Davidson, S. Private health insurance is provided by private companies.

Rising cost of healthcare

Millions of poor Americans have survived without health insurance and hence do not realize the benefits of Obamacare. Unfortunately, lack of affordable health care for many perpetuates the focus on treatment versus prevention, and therefore, results in poorer health outcomes. As a health care insurance, this is considered as a mandatory service because employees needs to have health care insurance so that they can be protected from any risks and threats affecting their health The costs are expected to grow in the coming years with the expansion of Medicaid. While many people have gained access to the health care system, many others have lost their schemes. These nations have traded a health care system that previously limited access based on ability to pay for one that now limits access based on government rationing and scarcity. Gorman also explains that after a Great Depression took place in , The American Hospital had created Blue Cross which gave individuals benefit plans. The concept of health insurance began during the Great Depression. Republicans and an abounding number of U. This may sound like an unwise thing to do but he did not have any other options since he was not old enough to get Medicare and was not eligible for Medicaid Moisse While these problems will always be with us, we must be careful that our public policy on health care does not encourage these risky activities. The government provides assistance in healthcare to many people, whether it be Medicare or Medicaid. Other state projects could, therefore, face funding shortages in the face of the growing costs. Some of the reasons include lack of transportation, being elderly, or even living in a lower income neighborhood.

The textbook describes the various stakeholders in the United States health care system as the public, which are the people who will receive the benefits.

When government provides full coverage for all, or part, of Americans, it creates the same upward pressure on prices. Chronic diseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear.

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Group health plans can no longer deny coverage to those who have pre-existing conditions and specific diseases This is to ensure that as an employee, there are numerous health care benefits that can be acquired through this service that will help to promote health.

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Health Care in America