How to write a fast rap song

While the instrumentals may create a different vibe, the measure of time passing seconds is always the same. But even Kendrick and Cole toy around with melodic ideas in their music.

I take the typical words, or I pick a two-word, three-word pattern. Which is sad. Hands-down the best way to stay true to yourself as an artist, is to hum, or mumble, or scat over the instrumental beat you want to write too.

Sometimes producers leave space for these in their instrumentals. One of the best ways to structure your ideas is in groups of 4 bars.

how to write rap lyrics

What are multis? Choose a Topic to Write About Want to know how to start a rap song?

how to write fast rap lyrics

Similar to how Kendrick does it on Rigamortus and so many other rappers and tracks. As you speed it up you will eventually become more articulate in your speech and your raps will come out much more clearly when you are rapping fast.

how to write a rap song

You will get further.

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How to Rap and Write Modern Hip