How to write a interesting adventure story

Elements of an adventure story

Holmes and Watson are hanging out in the familiar world of B Baker St. She is the hero. The Road certainly fits that pattern. And the typical story is about an individual who goes on a quest or a journey. The perpetrator is killed by the very method he had used to kill another. This is not by accident. What would they say to you? Adventure stories typically do not focus on character development, but your protagonist should possess some kind of defined role, whether he holds a job or is a student. What if you were on that team? They come across a lost kingdom, participate heroically in a brief and extraordinarily bloody civil war, then discover a hoard of untold riches in a hidden cave. But risk will always be there. Three Keys to Adventure Writing writing craft Writing for Children Blog craft writing for children and teens writing for magazines September 29, One of the most requested genre for short stories and a popular one for books as well is adventure. Ask your parents what kinds of things they did growing up. And what would you do? The adventure is after all in Max's imagination.

So, take us from the expected to a place where we'd never expect, give us a sense of peril, and make the main character's actions affect the story even as the story is affecting him, and you'll have an adventure story truly worthy of the name and the sale.

With the exciting adventure writing prompts for kids listed below, students are encouraged to think about and to write an adventure story of their very own.

Features of an adventure story

The main character in A Really New School finds a secret passage behind a row of lockers and decides to enter it, and she begins her adventure. Sometimes they are risking immediate death, sometimes they're risking injury, and sometimes the risks are emotional rather than physical, but the risks shift constantly because of the choices the characters make. Adventure stories shouldn't just carry a child main character passively from one unexpected activity to the next. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain In most adventure stories the land represents home, safety and security, and the water represents danger or at least the possibility of danger, but Twain brilliantly inverts those values. Tell us about your favorite pet and the fun adventures it has while you are at school. An adventure forces action from the main character in response to the peril in the story, and the action must then affect the story -- so the story affects the main character and the main character affects the story. What kind of booty is it best to bring back anyway—gold? For more great writing advice, click here. Write about what goes on in the school when no one is there. Craft some unexpected twists and turns to challenge your protagonist. But eventually the hero decides to accept the challenge. The Easter Bunny?

Mislabeling doesn't make it so. Holmes sets off from B Baker St. The adventure is after all in Max's imagination.

Adventure story writing examples

And the typical story is about an individual who goes on a quest or a journey. The adventure is after all in Max's imagination. The hero regroups and gains some ground again. The challenge may be refused, at first. The hero is tested, she makes gains, she endures setbacks, she fights for what is right, she resists evil. Write about their adventures. As an archetype of the adventurer, Odysseus is hard to beat, and his adventures—like all the best adventures—are both literally thrilling, and metaphorically and symbolically full of implication. What else could happen? Often an adventure story begins in a setting that is quite ordinary. Write about how that quarter made its way to you. Click here to order now.

In a typical adventure story, a hero embarks on a journey filled with dangerous obstacles and villains that render his survival uncertain. Now his handling of it is very mild, as it's a picture book, but we still have the peril, response, increased peril structure.

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What else could happen? Ask your parents for a quarter. And toxic gas fills the world in Monument 14 and the school bus never makes it to school and instead drives the children into a struggle to survive.

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Imagine you are in a forest and the trees can talk. By the end, the individual becomes a hero. In Monument 14, the characters ride something of a wave of risk.

Pretend you are a private detective.

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