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Young, "Synthetic structure of industrial plastics," in Plastics, 2nd ed. Remember, you need to help the reviewers as much as you can in the process of getting convinced that their concerns have been resolved. After finalizing the outline, check once again for the logical sequence of topics. IEEE has its own referencing and citation style that is used in various technical publications. Okhmatovski and come up with an appropriate example. Each numeric citation is enclosed in brackets in line with the text. But, later my prof. Clements, and R. References G. Use colors, italic font, quotations, etc. The abstract is the second-most-read part of a paper, and it should concisely summarize the contents of the paper in — words or fewer. I still feel very good when I read this! Conference proceedings, on the other hand, have less exposure than work published in journals, and, although they are peer reviewed, depending on the publisher, they may or may not be archived or indexed. Telecommunications Energy Special Conf. Smith, Making Sense of Networks.

If unsure of the meaning of a word, check the dictionary for the correct meaning or use a thesaurus to find the most appropriate words to express your idea. Hacker, Rules for Writers.

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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 9 4 Compound sentences are fine, as long as they are straightforward and not too long, and can be useful to provide variety and define relationships between ideas.

Our initial plan is to publish them before my thesis submission.

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We don't care what he will do with that work. However, the university can make it public after two years. Heffernan and J. A response rebuttal letter, is necessary in this situation. Since they are confused, they made me more confused. I do not remember anyone telling me that their paper got accepted without having to go through Major revisions. University of Waterloo, TR No. Stephanidis, Ed. Nobody has any copyright on it. The bibliography is also included in the end matter, and its format is usually dictated by the publisher. Hastie, R. Initial Submission As you can see in the PDF file above, my co-authors and I, submitted an original work with sufficient detail. Aggarwal and Philip S. Boston: Kluwer Academic,

Apparently I was wrong! However, the university can make it public after two years. Peters, Ed. Although it may seem unnatural to write about the past in the present, present tense can be used along with other tenses: past tense may be used to refer to work previously done by others, work that you, the author, did for the paper e.

A response rebuttal letter, is necessary in this situation.

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Write your first draft based on your outline without worrying too much about spelling and style. Boston: Course Technology,

How to write a journal paper ieee

Smith, and D. Edelstein, E. With the explanations above, below is the response letter we prepared for IEEE: First Response Letter You can see that we tried to address all requests in the revised manuscript and highlighted the relevant text in the submitted PDF file. I have published numerous journal and conference papers. Also, avoid treating countable nouns as uncountable e. Wu, C. Note: Sometimes the name of a journal is changed to better reflect the area of interest. If you are interested in quickly disseminating a work in progress, you should probably aim for a conference presentation and publication in conference proceedings and plan to follow up with a full-blast publication in a high-impact journal once the work has matured. The discussion section is where the results are reviewed as a whole in the context of the broader field and compared to initial predictions, objectives, or hypotheses. Oxford: Oxford University Press, There are three specific reference parts: Name of author s : First initial or name followed by a comma and complete last name. Presley, and D.
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How to Write A Successful Paper for IEEE Communications Magazine