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Temperatures in the lower mountain areas, and even in areas Ranu Pani slopes of Mount Semerutemperatures can reach minus 4 C, causing a decline in the soft snow. Sidoarjo famous for shrimp crackers, shrimp paste, and petisnya. Planet, such as basic life tree ornaments.

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We have already seen it in the market where a lot of Malaysian motif printed batik produced in Indonesia and sold with reasonable price in here. The difference between knowledge transfer and knowledge conversion is where knowledge transfer has just disseminated knowledge without enhancing to develop and upgrade, but knowledge conversion is a process of transfer, development and upgrade it into new knowledge. Osing social mores of the culture is a blend of Java, Madura and Bali. In the northern coastal region there are also interesting caves are: Cave Maharani in Lamongan and Tuban Akbar Cave and Cave Gong located in Pacitan is known as the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia. Oxford University Press Inc. This research was conducted with the approach of interviews, observations, questionnaires and review of documents. Sources of primary data obtained through informants who have been determined. Exteriorization is embodying ideas to an outward form. This is the act of attainment with negotiation and managing the design process smoothly. In Building On Batik. Subdistrict of Babat, Lamongan famous as a producer wingko. Knowledge Conversion in Industrial Design Education. It is now a full-time job and the main income earner for many of its entrepreneurs.

In India, the result of dyeing steeplechase called kalamkari, in Thailand called the phanung, in Turkey called the bhokara, whereas in Japan called the rokechi. Knowledge transfer is a process of moving knowledge from a person to another person.

Color babaran Majan and Simo batik is unique because of the color of bright red its babaran from noni skin and other colors of the tom. Many areas of central Java batik are areas Batik students and later became a tool of economic perjaungan by the leaders of Muslim merchants against the Dutch economy.

Tengger language, everyday language used by the Tengger tribe, considered closer to the ancient Javanese language.

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Batu Secret Zoo always ranked top 10 in order of the best zoos in Asia according to the website of the leading traveling TripAdvisor. While coloring materials used consist of plants native to Indonesia made themselves among others: noni tree, soga, indigo, and materials made from soda ash soda, as well as salts made from a land called tanah lumpur. Because the dye has been the development of technology today, batik has been using modern dye that can add to the aesthetic value of batik. Ngawi famous is producing chips Tempe, Tofu tepo, and rice lethok. At the time of Mataram years batik art and other culture continues to grow and spread throughout the archipelago. Rusima is now eager to cooperate with domestic online platforms such as Elevenia, Bukalapak, and Matahari Mall as well as global online platform Alibaba to boost batik sales. Malangan reverse language is often also referred to as the language walikan or Osob Kiwalan. In in the days of the kings of Java, batik art developed in two directions, namely: 1. This data is useful to know the original concept that will be used to design batik information media in East Java. The interaction of both tacit and explicit knowledge leads to innovation; therefore the driving force of the knowledge conversion process itself has to be human. Subdistrict of Babat, Lamongan famous as a producer wingko. Polanyi, M. This type of knowledge conversion is from tacit to tacit. Naphtol dyeing is done in 2 levels. It remained in their body as individual knowledge.

The designer should be presented with facts and principles and rules to be learned, recalled and applied.

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