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The main purpose of innovation is not about thinking of new products, rather it involves thinking of new processes of the business to help increase profit and revenue Also, a leader needs to comprehend what objectives and purposes are to be accomplished and needs to stick to those objectives and purposes and by never compromising with the truth.

Analyzing includes not only finding out the goals, but, it also comprises followers or people who will work with you and what is the best appropriate method to attain the goal with the help of your team. She recognized me too and as the weeks and months went by, we did almost everything together.

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However, following can be a choice, and the difference between the leader and follower is the activities, rather than abilities Wren, p. With reference to followers, when they have to make a decision, they usually feel fear which causes to escape from a challenge without any real exculpation.

However, the effectiveness of leaders to a large measure depends on the qualities of their followers.

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Followership is the ability to take direction well and be part of a team and deliver what is expected. However, following can be a choice, and the difference between the leader and follower is the activities, rather than abilities Wren, p. Flowers for Algernon. Diplomacy When good followers meet a co-worker with frantic political beliefs or an offensive manager, they are maybe not going to struggle every fight. A group with all followers will also be very unsuccessful. In each of these situations, I was the same person. Much like sheep, these type followers' ideal position is to remain with or behind their coworkers and out of stressful or confrontational issues. The prior trust that we enjoyed quickly eroded as our own emotional state deteriorated when we did not feel valued, trusted or included.

Webster's dictionary defines follow as to come or occur after, but it does not necessarily imply a causal relationship with what goes before.

They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us.

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With regard to followers, it is easier to be a follower rather than being a leader. This leader developed a high performing team that was infused with trust, high quality work and commitment to achieving goals. From Keith Devis view leadership is the process of influencing followers in the accomplishment of the organizational goals in a particular situation.

The only time I noticed what she was doing was when my mom told me, because I was so oblivious to it.

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What styles does Leadership Involve? Anyone can become a leader by learning the leadership skills. Once again, effective management skills or certain qualifications enhance a healthcare organization environment. Sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly. Leaders oblige to be responsible not only for their actions, but, as well as they must be responsible for deeds of their followers. I thought about it a lot. Moreover, if you are not honest, responsible and reliable person you will not have people who will follow you. Courage Being a good follower indicates owning the bravery to disagree if you believe your manager, superior or leader is acting something incorrectly.
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