Learning vocabulary thesis

There is a variety of aspects that need to be taken into account when talking about vocabulary in the EFL classroom.

Learning vocabulary thesis

Another important point that defines vocabulary is the collocation of words which is a part combination of words. Vocabulary learning strategy classifications 3. That means to give a definition describing the new word using only few words and not to use the word in context at this point. Another step could be that the teacher asks the students to find synonyms or antonyms opposites or the class can even try to find them together and collect them on the board. Definitions and Research into vocabulary learning strategies 2. It is similar to a definition in a dictionary. Definition What is vocabulary and what are the most important aspects that define vocabulary? While a variety of strategies were being identified, researchers were also attempting to develop a categorization framework which could adequately describe them. The last point is to translate the English word into German which is not a very good way because the students should use the English language as much as possible and learn to express themselves by using the English language.

On the other he cites Ahmedwho found out that most students just take notes above the new words or at the margins of their books.

Research which had been carried out until the end of the 90s, paid considerable attention to individual strategies, however, a comprehensive, systemized list did not exist. The teacher can either draw a picture on the blackboard or bring photos or the object itself to class.

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Research into vocabulary learning strategies earnestly began during the s, with shift from a more teaching-oriented perspective to a focus on the learner, as well as interest in how his actions would affect the acquisition of language.

Another way could be to illustrate the word on the board so that the students do have an image of the word in mind. Whereas the beginning of research into the topic was signified by a focus on finding out the most beneficial vocabulary learning strategies, there were cumulative attempts categorize and develope an adequate framework for those strategies cf.

It is the teachers choice whether to teach common prefixes and suffixes or not, for example, un- or -able like it is used in unable.

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