Market positioning of bmw

The new cars reflected the predicted changes in consumer tastes and behaviour which they had found through commissioned consumer research. At that time, U. It often interviews consumers for hours and even photographs their homes and offices to build a picture of the mindset of different consumers.

The concept of identity has three Characteristics that a brand has to comply with: i. They could be price variable one and quality variable twoor Comfort variable one and price variable two. It put the BMW brand on sport-utility vehicles, convertibles, roadsters and, most recently, a compact car.

Most of the people that purchase the S class do it for different reasons; quality, beauty, speeds, etc. An example of showcasing a BMW racing down the speedway is a commercial that caters to a younger audience with 21 year old model, Gigi Hadid.

bmw distribution channels

They must make consumers feel that the products they use are worth it. In other words, marketers need to know who the target consumer is, who the main competitors are, how the brand is similar to these competitors, and how the brand is different from them.

Equality: identity indicates that something or someone is the same over a certain time. As a result of the war, the small company enjoyed rapid growth.

Before discussing how BMW positioned the brand in the global market, we must mention a small piece of brand information.

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Target, Positioning, and Marketing Mix at Bmw Essay