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For AirAsia, this means that they would be able to fly to more destinations while taking shorter routes as they would no longer be faced with restriction from the countries in the ASEAN region from flying over them. However, AirAsia provides service packages to its customers at a very reasonable charge that is affordable to the customers in comparison to the competitors in the airline industries. Airlines have responded to the needs of business travellers who frequently fly these trunk routes by offering high frequencies, introduce travel passes, and offer flexibility. The market mix elements during in the Growth phase are as follows. Managing Service Quality, 19 3 , Customer satisfaction and high customer numbers is the core of company earnings. Lost foam casting Demographic segmentation of airasia Secondly, AirAsia is dividing the market by using demographic segmentation. AirAsia believes in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept and feels that keeping costs low requires high efficiency in every part of the business.

By joining together with Virgin America, AirAsia can capitalize on this existing high human traffic flow going to America.

The vertical axis illustrates the price range while the horizontal axis represents the service quality. AirAsia has expanded its routes to different countries all around the world including Indonesia, China, Singapore and the Philippines.

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Weaknesses The organisation has outsourced its maintenance and repairing facility as it does not possess in such facilities. Fernandes proceeded to engineer a notable and significant turnaround, turning an Air Asia a profit in and establishing new routes from its hub in Kuala Lumpur International Airport rapidly.

With this, management can perform corrective action and step and thus, it could lower the unnecessary cost incurred in the operation. Consumers with low usage rates are mostly from the low-income category who can only afford to travel at most twice a year depending on the destination.

how did airasia become a market leader what marketing concepts were used well

However, this has not dampened but instead increased the frequency of consumers to travel domestically or internationally on LCCs Airline Passenger Traffic — Malaysia, ; Airline Passenger Traffic — Asia Pacific,

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