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Japan represents a large automotive market and performing poorly in this market leaves Hyundai at competitive disadvantage. The car also gives high mileage. The group also created a subsidiary, Hyundai Asan specializes in projects of cooperation between South Korea and North Korea.

With the consumer attaching higher value to the features and economy in case of car buying, the players are likely to focus more o product development to incorporate dvanced features in their designs and advertisements to set up their own positions in a consumer mind.

Starting from Rs.

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This meant losing of customers and paving way for competitors. Hyundai is expecting robust demand for its upcoming hatchback with volumes going up from first time buyers in rural markets and tier II and tier III cities.

The segment of cars includes mix of classic models and Santro is the perfect one who meets the need of the customer. It will be the builder of the highway that connects Seoul to Busan in Accent on the other hand was promoted through the Print media. At the time the Santro was launched, both the options available in the segment- Fiat Uno and the Zen-had been around in the Indian Market for quite some time and lacked novelty. We may begin with 15, to 20, units of Santro exports in There are ample storage options, including the deep glove box, the removable ashtray cup, bottle and cup holders at the front and rear, seat side pockets, coin storage on the door handles, bag hook at the rear of the front passenger seat and the split, folding rear seats that go on to more than treble the boot storage space. But you never stop it completely. Santro aims to be the price leader in B-Segment cars. Hyundai Motors India ltd. It is clever design that gives cars this touch of practical beauty. Marketing Santro 7 Page Santro received an encouraging feedback from customers who appreciated its unique design that gave more headroom and facilitated easy entry and exit. The variant that sits just above it, the Santro Era, comes with power steering and AC with heater. Despite this, there is no denying that the Zen is one of the bigger success stories in the Indian car market. Hyundai products with state of the art technology have also been winning many accolades over the years.

In our market, there is already over capacity. The AMT is not offered with the top end Asta variant of the car. Color of the Hyundai Logo: The blue color in the Hyundai logo represents excellence, supremacy and trustworthiness.

Other Hyundai Cars. It's a perfect complement to your evolved tastes and lifestyle. At this moment the GOI felt the need to introduce a small car that is affordable by Indian middle class. Shah Rukh as a brand ambassador targets two sections of the society. The low price tag of Santro initiated a price war among all companies and forced Tata Indica to pre-pone its launch. If people are worried about their job, they don't really care and they're just not going to get off the fence. However, as the Santro's engine is mapped for economy, there is a mild lag before the torque kicks in the first three gears.

With the relaunch of the Santro hatchback, the Korean manufacturer has lured the small car buyers to the showrooms.

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New Hyundai Santro reignites interest in mid