Massacre at mystic

Observing the brutality of the English, some of the Native Americans could not help but feel sympathy toward the unarmed mothers and children who were also under fire from English guns or even burnt in their sleep.

Captain John Underhill, one of the English commanders, documents the event in his journal, Newes from America : Down fell men, women, and children. The History It is a moonlit pre-dawn in May In the village, the Pequots sleep.

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The awakened Pequots shout Owanux! Sometimes the Scripture declareth women and children must perish with their parents. The Pequots invite the English to settle in Connecticut as a token of friendship and do not interfere with new settlements.

The Narragansetts were shocked and returned home in disgust. See also:.

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For Fur and Beads: The Mystic Fort Massacre in Connecticut