Mercator projection distortion

In our society we unconsciously equate size with importance and even power. Uses[ edit ] Practically every marine chart in print is based on the Mercator projection due to its uniquely favorable properties for navigation.

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In reality, South America is eight times larger than Greenland. However, the advent of Web mapping gave the projection an abrupt resurgence in the form of the Web Mercator projection. But what that boils down to for cartographers is that places look more like themselves.

The properties of area, distance, and form are mutually exclusive.

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Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a projection: Is there any specific property that you need to preserve? Maps shape our understanding of the world - and in an increasingly interconnected and global economy, this geographic knowledge is more important than ever.

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Despite these criticisms, there is use for the Mercator projection in sailing and world exploration because it does allow for easier navigation. Sometimes, the subject your mapping is better served by preserving one of these properties.

Today, most basic explanations as to how the Mercator projection work use the cylinder and a globe with light description. InEdward Wright, an English mathematician, first explained the very complicated mathematics of the Mercator projection and throughout the s several other mathematicians attempted to find easier explanations.

Antarctica is just smaller than Russiaor the size of the United States and India combined.

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Mercator projection