My job search experience

However, this means absolutely nothing if none of the recruiters take the time to learn what I am capable of before over looking me.

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Ask for feedback after an interview. I will continue sending out applications, contacting recruiters, and hopefully I will come across a recruiter that will take the time to learn about my abilities.

I quickly realized that sending out hundreds of applications to every recruiter job I could find, wasn't getting me anywhere. Research your favorite companies and add all the recruiters you can find for their company and message them when you add them.

I sent out a total of 60 applications on data science positions in a 6 month period.

Job hunting is soul destroying

Appendix If my previous estimate of 10 applications to 1 interview and 10 interviews to 1 offer were correct, then a simulation of 10, times says that it could be 60 to applications before I got an offer. You need to understand what is happening on the other side of the resume review. The conclusion was that I need to become aggresive on my job search — I am going to take the shotgun approach and shoot as many targets as possible. The first question I asked him was "after the money you raised this month is used up, how do you plan on making money to keep the business going? This is why I decided to begin my job seeking journey trying to find a recruiter position or something similar. Other advice I can give to you is join your alumni networks and reach out to your college alumni. Instead of spending time researching how should I perfect my applications, odds will be on my side if I trusted the process and applied to as many job as possible. To reach the next level in the process, you need to successfully pass the previous level. For the first time, Indeed job seekers will be able to see the search results, job description, company ratings and salary estimates on a single Indeed page. This will help you improve on areas you're lacking in.

I always selected Washington Dc and then a whole list of recruiters came up from the area. Why would he post a job posting looking for a talent sourcer with years of experience in the recruiting industry if he needs someone to build the entire process from the ground up?

I need to find quality job postings I kept track of all of my applications — how old was the job when I applied, where did I find it, when did I send out and hear back, etc. It is scary to tread down an unknown path, so I want to share my own experience.

Or, worse yet, an offer may not come at all.

My job search experience

Research the company. I knew that if I were a recruiter I would try to reply to everyone even if I wasn't interested in them. I am interested in your company and I feel like I could be a great asset to your company. I recommend doing this first. After a quick review, I found that the biggest bottleneck in my process was the cover letter. You could be missing out on some of the smartest people in the world, only because they don't have a degree, and you are to lazy to see what talents they actually possess. After sending out another 20 resumes, I started getting calls, and I used this data to see if I can improve my odds. I didn't get a single phone call or e-mail about any of those applications, so I decided to create a very well crafted cover letter that I would attach to every application and see if that would change anything. Hard work and dedication is key and will always payoff if you play your cards right. I also have the natural ability to determine whether or not someone is worth having on our team, and I can do so very quickly. So start your job search on a solid foundation by understanding how the process works and work your way successfully through each level toward your ultimate goal. To look at a subsequent job, the user would need to return to Indeed and repeat the process over again. This other piece of advice is very important as well.
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