Organising travel and accommodation

Business Accommodation When travelling for business purposes the area could be local or international.

On here we prepare documents and can store them efficiently. This is useful if you know you need to travel further after the train journey and you can book in advance for this. Emergency meetings are held suddenly, often without much planning and notice. Within my work place we have filing cabinets especially for patients personal data which are arranged in alphabetical order by surname and can be locked. A safe will securely store the money and only authorised people should know how to access it either by a key or a code. You can recycle your printer cartridges like we do here at Wills Ridley and to recycle paper you can create scrap pads from unwanted paper. When you are not using a machine such as your computer, switch it off and especially over night. Documents are often laminated if they are to be put on display for example posters or instructions. This could result in entries being mis-read. Credit is bought for and input into the machine to pay for the stamp costs which can be changed to either 1st or 2nd class. If the destination is international, a better option may be a courier service if they can offer this. Diary systems help when planning meetings and events as you will be able to ensure that nothing is going to overlap with them. Scanner: Scanners are connected to computers and are used to transfer something from paper onto the computer. Gather agenda items and prepare this in advance.

If the destination is international, a better option may be a courier service if they can offer this. You may feel that for a valuable package it may be safer going with a courier service rather than a postal service as you see it be placed on the van yourself.

Printing produces better documents than photocopying so it can sometimes be better.

Consider available resources: there may not be enough paper to print. Finally destination is there a train station relatively near to the town you are staying in? As I have previously mentioned you can post via special delivery but you can also have signed for 1st class and signed for 2nd class. Administrative Support for Meetings It is vital that administrative support is provided for meetings. It is also important to consider the amount of time you have to complete a task. Also, an electronic diary system can be quite secure through limited access, you may require a password to view or change it whereas if someone got hold of the hard copy of course you just open and read it. A company that can't keep pace with the financial demands of running a business faces increasing operating debt and ultimately, a loss of the business.

You should confirm any mode of transport prior to the day. It is a personal decision as to whether we use a 'book-style' diary or not. You can maintain your expenses on your phone or in a handwritten diary perhaps.

1.1 describe the purpose of the meeting and who needs to attend

If you choose to travel by sea, you can board the ferry as a passenger on foot or take a car with you. On the black and white printer in the main office we can fax and also photocopy.

organise business travel or accommodation answers
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Unit 2: Organisation of Travel and Accommodation in Business