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But at times he is very loving and helpful to students. He is well above fifty.

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At other times he shows the visitors in. He then fills the water jar. It is a small room where he stays from the time he joined the school. He is an important person. Sometimes he has to go to the bank to deposit or withdraw school money. He is quite healthy. He gets uniform every year from the school.

With the small income he cannot keep his family with him. What tines he feel about his work?

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Kisan took not a single in return. He always wears a clean khaki uniform with a brass name plate pinned to its pocket and wears a white Gandhi cap on his head.

Where does he usually sit?

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So we can think how much Adarsha Vidya Mandir will miss Kisan when he retires. He lives in a small room in the school compound. He sweeps it clean and arranges the files and papers neatly. He does all this and other duties also.

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He used to tie and carry exam-papers to the teachers. He doesn't like students misbehaving and breaking the rules of the school. When the school is over we see Kisan sitting on a 'charpai' his house in the school campus. He is prince among the peons. Newsletter Subscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. He is an important person. When does he come in school? Every work of Kisan is clean and in time.
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