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About the value I grounded in from global cultutal perspective, In the era of globalization, internal personnel communication, communications between enterprises, and communication among enterprises and society and the government have been involved in the network of multicultural exchanges. I like mixing with people around me, reaching out to them and drawing inspiration from others and everyone in my surroundings. I will become a better leader and a better nurse if I find opportunities to grow and experiment with risks. What resources do you need: other people, extra training, etc.? Finally we work it out and manage to reach the terminal before time. According to the results of this assessment, my greatest strengths are related to competing, focusing, strategizing, achieving, and planning for the future. Enabling others to act requires actively listening and a certain level of respect for others and their decisions. During our first group task as team, no one would have thought about the idea behind working as a team for the case study but now when we look back and think about our discussions, working as a group and dividing task , individual performances, our team has no vision but we were working together for the best performance. If we talk about the four combinations of initiating Structure and consideration, I place my leadership behavior to be high structure and high consideration combination. You need to give ears to what others want to say or share. Dubrin ,which interprets that almost all the times I use my interpersonal skills in order to convince or persuade people around me or working with me on common grounds. What do you want to do better? Now, starting with my highest scored Emotional trait of Problem solving which comes under Emotional facilitation of thoughts in which I scored , I found it quite accurate with how I usually brainstorm through all situations ,surroundings and try to use my emotional understanding to handle any tough situation arising in my personal life or in my MBA course.

I will go into details by discussing my strengths and weaknesses in this essay, and through this evaluation I will be able to better understand how truly prepared I am to be a leader in the business of healthcare.

Application of any conflict —resolution style depends more upon the degree of cooperation and assertiveness.

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Servant leadership seems simple, the practice is not easy, unless leaders are willing to change their mentality or slogan. Therefore, after this comment, I started to think back on other situations and I realized that it does take courage for me to stand up to a higher up, not only in this situation but when I stand up to the PD as well.

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Another one is only provide positive feedback. This is what my manager likes the post in me. I am always optimistic and I am always ready to accept new challenges. With, more leadership traits joining in, I try to apply my past experience and analogy to my future projects along with getting to the core of the issue or unfavorable situations directly.

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Based on these characteristics about myself, I think I tend to be a servant leader. It felt so satisfied and elevated helping out that lady when we were finally able to resolve the unforeseen situation. Although, I do appreciate my restorative ability and as an achiever, however, I do see the negative side of being an achiever and that is my inability to become satisfy of my achievement as I keep looking for ways to make bigger and better achievers and that is also one of the reason why I taken up three positions at the same time. This behavior helps me build trust and foster collaboration with others. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. While at meetings or conferences I try to produce more and more facts and reasoning behind every topic covered. Especially if you are trying to be successful and effective with your congregation, family and in the community. Next, discussing about my EQ in terms of Emotional understanding on which I scored considerably high with a few exception points. According to my assessment reports my leadership behavior is inclined more towards structured and planned or result oriented behavior. Take my own experience for example, i had been running a leadership project with my teammates called Story Book Walk project, which is simply guiding a group of kids to walk around a park, at the meantime, our teammates will read the stories to them during the walk. It is because of this that I ended up doing three positions on my own as rehabilitation aide, staffing coordinator and program secretary and it is also because of this that recently, they asked me if I would like to become the PD instead of a social worker of the unit after the graduation because they believe in my ability to make this a better and more functional unit that it is now. Problem Solving I work for a global pharmaceutical company and every day we have issues validating the submissions we send to the FDA. My personality is good-natured, and my principle of communicating with people is to be gentle and to be a good listener.

The leadership is split into various psychological components for gross analysis that is essential in boosting the necessary skills. In general, I do not like change; I like familiarity. I find ESTJ suits appropriately to my work style as I am more of an extrovert or outgoing person who like to work as a team, participating more in extra-curricular activities apart from my work or professional assignments.

Personal leadership assessment essay

As an effective leader you will be more persuasive if you support your presentation or ideas with adequate amount of relevant data. By analyzing each part of our leadership course, I reflected myself and concluded some strengths and weaknesses that I have when involving a team project. Seeing how much she was struggling, I offered to make more trips between offices in order to take over some of her clients. Since she was also travelling alone and had lots of luggage like me we started to figure out how we are going to change the terminals. Strength Based Leadership Assessment SBLA According to Rath and Conchie , awareness of own strength is needed in order to lead affectively because we lose self-confidence if we can only focus on our weakness; and self-confidence is definitely needed in our for our followers to not only have confidence in us as a leader but also instill confidence in themselves as well. I recognize that everyone has something that they can bring to the table. As a learner in this domain, I have a great desire to learn and continue make improvement not only in myself but empower others to do so as well. I will improve in other areas, such as taking initiative in experimenting and keeping current, by asking more questions when I am unsure about something and doing my own research to find answers. I tried to convince the authorities to help us with that and get her baggage cleared as it she was travelling alone and we got her guitar checked in as checking baggage free of charge. I demonstrate this practice frequently in my Clinical Immersion course with my patients and my preceptor. It could be even worse when someone might have a better idea but I refuse to accept, as we all know, the power of a team far outweighs an individual, and this is also the reason we are learning leadership to maximize the efficiency of a team, but without listening to other teammates, the power of a team must be minimized, and therefore, a good leader cannot be a dictator. According to the results of this assessment, my greatest strengths are related to competing, focusing, strategizing, achieving, and planning for the future. While I feel confident with the practice of enabling others to act, I would like to improve in challenging the process. Talking about the my Multi-dimensional Emotional Intelligence quotient, in which I scored EQ score of which results to 79 percentile , my individual scores for various categories was as high as percentile for Problem solving and as low as 20 on scale of for Impression management.

The good thing about keep self-motivated is that people working with you also can feel the positive vibe and they all start working with you and tasks become so easy.

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