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A more drastic omission can lead to accusations of plagiarism. Example: Berg, Allison. MHRA style References are given in footnotes or endnotes.

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The format for first references is: G. Gibson, The citation must be within the sentence to which it refers, usually either at the beginning or end of the sentence unless a comparison is being made, in which case the authors concerned must be cited as appropriate within the sentence. Only use this abbreviation if the two references are in consecutive footnotes and if the preceding note consists of a single reference, as otherwise it can lead to ambiguity. Wenar, Reference in the bibliography: Wenar, L. Mothering the Race: Women's Narratives of Reproduction, Rohlf, M. References may be given either in the main text of your essay, or in a footnote or endnote. If you do need to cite a lecturer or a handout, because the information in question is not in the published literature, then you should just put a reference in the text of your coursework, without putting any further entry in your list of references, e. Referencing in detail This guide has been developed specifically by the Philosophy Department at Macquarie University, so it is important reading for you. Why This? Entries should appear alphabetically by author, and within each author's list chronologically in order of writing. In either case, include at the very end of your reference the chapter, section or page of the text you are referring to. Full details of all the works to which you refer must be supplied in a list of references or bibliography at the end of your essay. Many of these sources also export to RefWorks , which is an invaluable tool for both organizing your online sources and formatting your bibliographies or works cited pages.

On the positive side, good paraphrasing can demonstrate that you understand the text well enough to incorporate and elaborate upon it in your own words.

Journal article with a single author Citation in the text If you are citing a web site then you should retain a printed copy of that site on that day as the site can be changed without notice.

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Williams, ; Evans, ; Jones, Example: Bartky, Sandra Lee. In either case, include at the very end of your reference the chapter, section or page of the text you are referring to.

Philosophy essay referencing

Typically, one does not write out a full footnote a second time when citing the same source twice without interruption. Most of the material that you will need to refer to during your studies will be in one of the following categories: Books Journal articles Conference papers References to these information sources are called citations.

Stern Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,pp.

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Guide to Referencing for Coursework