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Naturalistic observation is a method used to collect behavioral data in real life situations. I noticed too that A J used both hands in pouring the juice in her cup, using her right hand to hold the handle of the plastic container and left hand on the bottom of the container to avoid spill and to control how much juice she will pour. Her hair is bright blonde, down l loose and knotted, her eyed are blue, her skin is pale and her cheeks are rosy. We do this by learning through play, risk taking physically, emotionally and intellectually , creative thinking and listening to children. The child was an Asian boy. According to the teacher, she started at the preschool when she is 2 years old and 4 months. In the Community Center I observation one classroom with three to five years preschool outside of the playground.

Child abuse consists of various different causes, types, and cases. Throughout the courses such as the introduction to child development, observation techniques, developmentally appropriate curriculum for children, and methods of inquiry in child development, I have grown in my understanding of this student learning outcome I in many ways At the center, there are roughly around 15 children between the ages of three and five; there is one adult for every six or so kids.

There were times that the children interacted with Caitlin and me, but for the most part we just observed them interact with each other.

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Half of the ceiling has some colorful little pumpkin decoration. Goal: Observing the boy to see his entire behavior, in addition to his reaction to reinforcement and punishment.

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Cognitive Development: Konnor picks up a tree branch that sits beside a tree and he begins to feel the leaves hanging from the branch and curves his lips upwards. I composed myself then rang the doorbell, the gate unlocked and made my way through the playground toward the reception area.

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I think I started the activity with Leroy too late in the semester as well, which prevent further observations on the effects of the strategy. He and his peer were roaring just as they have probably heard an animal do and also stomp their feet which mimics an animal pouncing. They have three preschool classes throughout the day that last about an hour and a half each. Big Idea 2 is a Science visual arts activity that implements the scientific principle of observation. The school is conveniently located for majority of parents because the 5 line subway train is close by along with few MTA busses. The education and values that the teachers impart to their students has great impacts to them later in life. Konnor picks up a tree branch that sits beside a tree and he begins to feel the leaves hanging from the branch and curves his lips upwards. Konnor shows this behavior by acting like a preying tiger and telling his peer that he will eat him while roaring and then chasing him around the play area. The teacher pours some vanilla extract into her cup and then hands over the vanilla to Konnor and asks him to pour it into his cup full of brown sugar. Brown is wearing a Charger shirt today? During play she giggles and laughs most of the time which the teachers always remind her to lower her voice, which sometimes she listens but sometimes not. Konnor stands across his peer and furrows his brow at him, which makes his peer do the same; Konnor then shakes his head from side to side, his arms still above his head and he roars once again. The teacher gives Konnor a cup and spoon like hers and asks Konnor to wait for further instructions. Because this is a neurological developmental delay, it can be difficult to train the brain to overcome it. Question One During the beginning of my visit with the month classroom, I observed a boy for fifteen minutes.

It had a table with chairs around it with a sink and cabinets behind it.

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Preschool Observation Essay Example