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These Essays will help you in your school essay writing competition and also in several debate competitions. In the end, we just want to say that if we really want the country and the good of the nation, then it is necessary to change the education system of this loan as soon as possible and release it to a new system according to the need of country-time instead.

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Method of teaching needs a relook. There is something to learn for everybody. That too in the omnipresent way, in the inefficiency of indigenousness. Not everyone has access to school. Once another angle is found, several heads begin prattling once again it, and you get a doctrine from gossip. One of the main problems with the Indian education system is its marking system. Every institution has its own syllabus and medium of instruction. Neither has our system seen any major change in the curriculum nor has there been any significant change in the way the education is imparted. Syllabus should be fashioned in this way that it looks enjoyable and not gruesome burden.

Unfortunately, it has not been changed even today. As a result, one who is able to pay more will get better education as compared to a common person.

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Then the selection of his curriculum and subjects should be such that can make us competent in life-skills-not only literate. Most of the syllabus is in theoretical form. Conclusion While the need to change the Indian education system has been emphasized several times nothing much has been done in this regard.

Textbooks do not mention how the topics are relevant in practical life. Lack of infrastructure.

Present education system essay

Homework is an exercise in futility, on the off chance that it is to rehash class work done today or to be rehashed as class work to be done tomorrow. The Open University system has been initiated to augment opportunities for higher education. However, one thing that changed for good during this time was that girls also began to seek education and were enrolled in schools. Long Essay on Indian Education System — Essay 5 words Introduction Indian education system is one of the oldest education systems around the globe. There is a plethora of government-run and private institutions. So, the students gain knowledge about different subjects from an early age. New creations and revelations have uncovered the obscure world to us all the more variedly. Not teaching students about how to deal with daily life struggles. There is no autonomy for teachers. The new policy also promises to make efforts to secure easy accessibility to books for all segment of the population. The first requirement is to make education relevant to the interests of the reader. Homework instructional exercises are mushrooming up in our general public.

There was a sudden change in the entire education system of India. If subjects such as fine literature have been made electives, read only those who are passionate, they will be very good. Degrees have failed to serve as a passport for a job.

Institutions involved in research and development of technical and scientific manpower should also mobilize funds by leaving cuss or charge on the user agencies, including Government departments and entrepreneurs.

250 words essay on education system in india

But what kind of education is being received by the student today, the way the education system is in progress, is it able to do all this? For all these reasons, the tone of time is changing from time to time. Not workmanship, not books, but rather life itself is the genuine premise of educating and learning. It is becoming increasing day by day that every family and individual can not afford it. Just as some topics are taught today only to pass the exam. Polished methodology is profound established in our general public now and this instruction makes us so. In addition to it, many extra-curricular activities are also being introduced by the schools for the all round development of the students. The system must change to develop students spiritually, morally, physically as well as mentally. They need to do so in order to fetch good marks and rank higher than their classmates. Then this education system became burden and expensive too. The Indian education system must be changed to make way for creative thinking. Students need to follow the rules set by the school else they are punished. The first draft of the policy was released in
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