Preventing animal endangerment

Rewilding can involve anything from replanting native flowers near a cleaned-up river to restoring extinct camels to North Americalast seen on this continent 12, years ago.

Today, the Bornean orangutan is estimated to number about 41, and the Sumatran about 7, and their habitats are fast disappearing. He may well be right that any such system would be open to abuse. The most recent one, 65 million years ago, took out the dinosaurs. Recycle and buy sustainable products.

All types of wildlife are declining—in many cases dramatically.

ways to prevent extinction of animals and plants

Millions of birds die every year because of collisions with windows. Native plants provide food and shelter for native wildlife.

Preventing animal endangerment

Teach conservation — learn how to give a walk or talk in your town with United For Wildlife or another Wildlife Stewardship program. Do not buy plastic products. You could synthesise chemicals like sugars and fats, but making it appetising would be extremely hard.

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40 Ways to Help and Protect Endangered and Wild Animals