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Divide your work into sections- this is mainly applicable in scientific research papers where you have to follow a specific procedure from the methodology, experiment, data collection, data analysis and interpretation which have to be indicated in the research proposal.

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It is suggested that students begin working on the prospectus immediately after passing the general exam, so that they are adequately prepared.

Some projects separate the sources into sections that indicate which sources supports specific themes, topics or methods. Format your work just like you would any type of research paper- standard font should be used that is visible, use one-inch margins and double-spaced text.

You may even choose a trustworthy person to give you a second opinion. This problem can be theoretical, critical, or historical; but it should, in most cases, be presented as a question or related set of questions to which the dissertation will attempt to find answers.

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Also, you should be careful to state something that is attainable, and that can be scientifically supported by facts or other preliminary research works on the topic.

Ensure that your story is as realistic and believable as possible so that even convincing the committee members will be such a walk in the park.

The writer then moved into describing the specific methods, which are the specific tools for empirical and ethnographic teacher research: surveys, interviews, teaching portfolios and observations.

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Describe theoretical frameworks or the philosophy that underlies your methods. Sources Give an account of the sources for the subject. How do you propose to develop, challenge, or depart from existing positions or themes in historical literature?

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Tips How To Write a Good Prospectus