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But many that we have come across who believe in reincarnation appear to have discarded any belief in there being any souls in darkness. It is not so far fetched. Answer to this question can be different for different people, but the basic meaning of reincarnation is Life before the life that we are living in.

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul survives after death and is reborn in the body of another person of some other living thing. Reincarnation is central to Buddhist philosophy. In this respect, God does not see how great or little your sins are, nor how late your penitence is.

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I remember that Corbett knocked out John. Death has been the one the top debated matters for thousands of years in view of the fact that individuals have different views depending on religion or just personal belief It is monotheism in which worship of a personal god is the focus.

Buddhism - Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the most interesting religions in the world. Sentient beings come to this present life from their previous lives and take rebirth again after death.

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