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And guess what, I found anime to be highly addictive. Kotarou gets a younger student he knows named Sizuru Nakatsu on the disciplinary committee to help out with the occult research society's club activities.

It turns out that Akane and Chihaya are members of Gaia, but Sakuya quickly appears and takes them away with him.

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To help him in his efforts, Kotarou gets Kotori to join the occult research society. However, when they attempt to kill Kagari, Midou protects them, allowing Kotarou and Kagari to escape before Midou's life force is ultimately consumed by the familiars he wields.

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The rankings were at No. But, kissanime has a big disadvantage. Esaka gives Kotarou some blurry photos of an unidentifiable animal, but Akane is not impressed by them.

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Kotarou discovers that a power called Aurora governs the existence of life in the universe. Life is extinguished in most of them, but humans evolve in one of them, only for their civilization to be destroyed by the Key. Kotarou agrees to help her and he acts as a double agent, demolishing Gaia's and Guardian's infrastructure in Kazamatsuri and killing those on either side. He heads to the top of the temple, but finds all of the choir members dead with Sakura overlooking the ruined city. Before he leaves, he promises Kotori to show her around the Harvest Festival. The guitar was later sold on Yahoo! Auctions in July for , yen. Luis stays behind to give Kotarou and the kids a chance to escape, but Luis is soon engulfed in the flames. After the five heroine's routes are completed, the story shifts to a setting amid a ruined Kazamatsuri where Kotarou encounters Kagari in a world after re-evolution, still on the Moon. Sizuru shows up at school to say goodbye to Kotarou before disappearing. The program, which also came with the previously released demo, features Chihaya rolling down a hill and hitting boulders and Kotori's pet dog Chibi-Moth. Kotarou invites three other girls into the occult research society who are also heroines in the game. Besides these there are some legal anime sites but they are paid. Undeterred, Kotarou goes to the orphanage where Haruka once lived, but Lucia is there waiting for him. On the last day of the Harvest Festa, Midou and two other Gaia members head to the forest and engage in several skirmishes with Guardian scouting parties.

You can find the latest episodes of the anime title of your choice. The purpose of the program is to test whether a given Windows computer will be able to play Rewrite or other games using the Siglus game engine.

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The best thing about the site is that the update frequency of series is super fast. Kotarou and Luis decide to try to save the survivors, including Jasmine, but helicopters begin razing the factory and the surrounding area. Kagari suggests that he kill her to save the world, but Kotarou cannot bring himself to do it. Main article: Music of Rewrite Rewrite has seven pieces of theme music : two opening themes and five ending themes. He heads to the top of the temple, but finds all of the choir members dead with Sakura overlooking the ruined city. After Esaka comes back to Japan, Guardian captures Suzaki, but Kotarou kills him the moment he realizes his true identity. Esaka takes Kotarou to a facility to take part in basic training with other superhumans. Kotarou talks to Esaka about wanting to be more useful, and Esaka suggests he join a private security firm affiliated with Guardian to fight overseas. As a result, Sizuru's friend and class representative of Kotarou's class, Lucia Konohana, joins in their activities so as to keep watch over Sizuru and protect her from Kotarou whom she dislikes. Kotarou's friend Kotori Kanbe suggests he seeks help from the "School Witch" and president of the occult research society, but they find the club room empty, so Kotarou leaves a note to get in touch with her. Both songs are remixes of theme songs featured in the original Rewrite and Rewrite Harvest festa!

Kotarou later runs into the summoner he met before, but Chibi-Moth helps him escape with Kagari. Kagari gets upset at Kotarou for being able to accept life going extinct if it meant saving any connections he has with people, however trivial. After telling her about the girl with the red ribbons, Akane gives Kotarou three shikigami to protect him from her, and Akane has him join the occult research society in exchange.

Undeterred, Kotarou goes to the orphanage where Haruka once lived, but Lucia is there waiting for him.

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