Safety measures to prevent car accidents

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Improper, uneven tire pressure adversely affect the car performance and can result in blowout. Don't Tailgate While it may only take a few seconds for your car to stop after you hit the brake, a slow reaction time can delay this process.

How to avoid fatal car accidents

Improper, uneven tire pressure adversely affect the car performance and can result in blowout. Driving under the influence is another issue. Financial concerns can lay an impact in the form of medical bills and repair expenses incurred from the damage caused to the car. In , an estimated 9, people died unnecessarily because they were not wearing seat belts. Have a designated driver. Always demand that all passengers buckle up at all times, and the same goes for you when driving. Get your car checked from a trusted mechanic to ensure complete car safety. EHS Today Staff Jun 04, ' Ten Ways to Avoid Car Accidents A National Safety Council study released last month indicates that seat belt use varies widely from state to state and the lack of drivers buckling up continues to be a leading cause of traffic accidents across America.

Do not tailgate. So if you have had a few drinks, stay off the road to protect yourself and other motorists.

Do not encourage aggressive drivers. High blood-alcohol levels leads to blurred or double vision and even loss of consciousness.

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No one owns the roads, so treat others with respect and report any suspicious driving activity to authorities. Be courteous to other drivers.

What are the steps that can be taken to reduce road accidents

Check the tire tread, as a worn out tire will increase your risk of a blow out, and they will impair your vehicle's ability to stop suddenly. Your judgement is impaired, and your vision may not be the greatest either. You should also be aware of the blind spots for other drivers on the road, and try to stay out of them as much as possible. Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel. However, a step in advance would embrace buying an appropriate car insurance policy. Make a firm schedule with them and stick to it. Unfortunately, they occur on a daily basis all across the world. Car accident lawyers know from experience that more people on the roads means more chances of an accident. Look backwards when backing out. On an average, speeding will only help you save a few minutes but increase the chances of car accidents. Also, when at an intersection making a right-hand turn, look both directions at least twice before proceeding. Keep a safe following distance, or if they truly are going to slow, you can safely pass them when possible.

So, an obvious question that arises is about the safety and maintenance of your favorite possession. Again, this will cause you to look away, and even if you just take your eyes off the road for a second, accidents can happen.

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How to Avoid Car Accidents (with Pictures)