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Frederick has usurped the duchy and exiled his older brother, Duke Senior. Are not these woods More free from peril than the envious court? The posthumous publication of Hero and Leander would have revived interest in his work and the circumstances of his death.

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Ganymede says that "he" will take Rosalind's place and that "he" and Orlando can act out their relationship. Intheatre critic Michael Billington said his favourite production of the play was Cheek by Jowl 's production, directed by Declan Donnellan. Oliver also undergoes a change of heart and learns to love Orlando.

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Pastoral mode[ edit ] Walter Deverell , The Mock Marriage of Orlando and Rosalind, The main theme of pastoral comedy is love in all its guises in a rustic setting, the genuine love embodied by Rosalind contrasted with the sentimentalised affectations of Orlando, and the improbable happenings that set the urban courtiers wandering to find exile, solace or freedom in a woodland setting are no more unrealistic than the string of chance encounters in the forest which provoke witty banter and which require no subtleties of plotting and character development. The love-story of Audrey and Touchstone is a parody of romantic love. In the Orlando mythos, Arden Wood is the location of Merlin's Fountain, a magic fountain causing anyone who drinks from it to fall out of love. Mousley, A. Evidence suggests that the premiere may have taken place at Richmond Palace on 20 Feb , enacted by the Lord Chamberlain's Men. Analysis and criticism[ edit ] Rosalind by Robert Walker Macbeth Though the play is consistently one of Shakespeare's most frequently performed comedies, scholars have long disputed over its merits. However, it ends happily with reconciliation and forgiveness. Although twelve plays are listed in Palladis Tamia, it was an incomplete inventory of Shakespeare's plays to that date On the contrary, the banished Duke Senior's life in the Forest of Arden is idealized and carefree. In many of the love-stories, it is love at first sight. Both Duke Senior and Orlando take refuge in the forest, where justice is restored "through nature.

Celia and Rosalind decide to flee together accompanied by the court fool, Touchstone, with Rosalind disguised as a young man and Celia disguised as a poor lady. The new Duke Frederick usurps his older brother Duke Senior, while Oliver parallels this behavior by treating his younger brother Orlando so ungenerously as to compel him to seek his fortune elsewhere.

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However, it should be remembered Diana is mentioned by Shakespeare in at least ten other plays, and is often depicted in myth and art as at her bath. It should be noted that, while the pastoral tradition follows the idealization of the countryside, it is nevertheless described by some characters as a dangerous place. The scenes that follow this agreement show gender identities are multiplied within the context of the forest, as Orlando would never court another man within society. At the centre the optimism of Rosalind is contrasted with the misogynistic melancholy of Jaques. As She Likes it: Shakespeare's unruly women. In act one, the obvious contrarieties between city and county life is plainly presented. Dobson, M. London: Rough Guides. The play follows a series of characters who, for different reasons leave the life in the French Court to enter the Forest of Arden. Setting[ edit ] An etching of the Forest of Arden, created by John Macpherson for a series by Frederick Gard Fleay Arden is the name of a forest located close to Shakespeare's home town of Stratford-upon-Avon , but Shakespeare probably had in mind the French Arden Wood, featured in Orlando Innamorato , especially since the two Orlando epics, Orlando Innamorato and Orlando Furioso , have other connections with the play. Mousley, A. This principle of "love at first sight" is seen in the love-stories of Rosalind and Orlando, Celia and Oliver, as well as Phebe and Ganymede.

According to the inquest into his death, Marlowe had been killed in a brawl following an argument over the "reckoning" of a bill in a room in a house in Deptfordowned by the widow Eleanor Bull in London: Rough Guides.

London: Routledge. Music and songs[ edit ] As You Like It is known as a musical comedy because of the number of songs in the play. The role of Adam may have been played by Shakespeare, though this story is said to be apocryphal.

William, another shepherd, attempts to marry Audrey as well, but is stopped by Touchstone, who threatens to kill him "a hundred and fifty ways. Indeed, in a metafictional touch, Jaques cuts off a prose dialogue with Rosalind because Orlando enters, using verse: "Nay then, God be with you, an you talk in blank verse" IV, i,

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Orlando sees Oliver in the forest and rescues him from a lioness, causing Oliver to repent for mistreating Orlando. The posthumous publication of Hero and Leander would have revived interest in his work and the circumstances of his death. The Arden edition of Shakespeare makes the suggestion that the name "Arden" comes from a combination of the classical region of Arcadia and the biblical garden of Eden , as there is a strong interplay of classical and Christian belief systems and philosophies within the play. External evidence[ edit ] As You Like It was entered into the Register of the Stationers' Company on 4 August as a work which was "to be stayed", i. As You Like It. As She Likes it: Shakespeare's unruly women. Re-Humanising Shakespeare. Are not these woods More free from peril than the envious court? It ran for performances in Performance history[ edit ] There is no certain record of any performance before the Restoration. Ganymede says he will solve the problem, having Orlando promise to marry Rosalind, and Phebe promise to marry Silvius if she cannot marry Ganymede. Rosalind speaks an epilogue to the audience, commending the play to both men and women in the audience. These songs and music are incorporated in the action that takes place in the forest of Arden, as shown below: "Under the Greenwood tree": It summarises the views of Duke Senior on the advantages of country life over the amenities of the court.
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As You Like It. Act II. Scene I. William Shakespeare. The Oxford Shakespeare