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This section adopts the term 'social locations' as used by Fuller and Vosko , to categorise the issues. In addition, there will be less chance of career prospects. The reason students have a part-time job. Such restrictions include work permits tied directly to employment status; restriction of labor mobility rights by requiring formal permission to change employers or working conditions; and prohibition on applying for work permits or changing immigration status from within the country. The availability of low wage immigrant labour has also been viewed as having the potential to inhibit the upgrading of skills and the modernization of technology in the domestic economy Athukorala and Devadason, Plastics have found use variously which Includes packaging of industrial products for the market. Social class, static residence and stable employment are facing the threat of extinction King, In , for the first time in its history, Canada admitted more temporary than permanent residents Nakache and Kinoshita ; Siemiatycki

Temporary agency work is highly precarious with the workers having 'limited access to social benefits and statutory entitlements linked to the duration of an employment relationship' Vosko, Mexico and Philippines are two of the world's topmost recipients of remitted earnings. Under the programme, employers are allowed to employ and bring non-Canadians into the country for a limited time under temporary foreign work visas.

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It was the first formalized migrant worker program Trumper and Wong, More food meant more trade. Effective operation, supervision and regulation of the program is recommended as a means by which the domestic labour and the Canadian economy would be able to harnessing its benefits. In the literature of the two time periods, these attitudes are very accurately depicted.

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Cundal and Seaman , state that the TFWP is being used to meet long-term labour needs especially those requiring lower levels of education and training, despite its original design as a solution to temporary labour shortages. Some employers ignore the wage set out in the employment authorization contract and pay temporary workers less. Disadvantages: Irregular work. Flexible workforce can reduce employment costs, helping a business to compete more effectively with other businesses Nakache and Kinoshita argue that in recent decades, Canadian immigration policy has shifted from permanent settlement to temporary residence under restrictive conditions. In , for the first time in Canada's history, the number of temporary foreign workers admitted was greater than that of permanent residents. There will doubtless be a continuous struggle with the challenges of integration, as the scale and diversity of the TFWP increases, but it is projected that they will adjust to new global economic realities and fundamental demographic changes Koser, as has been the case of other guestworker programs in history. The high-skilled workers stream of the TFWP has also been described as a highly gendered program by Trumper and Wong
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Temporary Employment