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What are the causes of computer addiction? Some students use computer to escape their reality which can include school, work and possibly personal problems. Even though video games are harmful, there are also things which computer games canprovide which can be beneficiary to children.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Counter Arguments In any life situation and with any sort of problem, there are those who disagree with the majority. After children experience violence while playing Computer Games, they are likely to develop a fear of becoming victims of violent acts.

The issue is ending up being a growing number of pertinent, since computer systems have actually ended up being the important part of the human daily life.

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Computers with the aid of modern machines made almost all the things around us. Computer Addiction Term Paper Writing Service Computer addiction is the kind of mental addiction which is based upon the unchecked desire of playing computer game.

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Effects of Computer Addiction to Students Computer addiction can have a variety of negative effects on a person. There has been no scientifically proven link between violent behavior among children and Computer Games. In the same year, a board was established in the United States to look into Computer Games and rate them according to their content Siwek, This revealed how game addiction can lead to harm of others. Both of these responses, I argue, misunderstand the nature of games and their rules. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. Identify the effects of computer addiction. What are the causes of computer addiction? Another thing is that, we can no longer more to see youth who plays basketball, volleyball and the rest of the Sports Games that can really helped a lot in our health and physical attributes. For the period to , the rate of arrest of juvenile murderers decreased by We also thank the other people within the University of Cebu for giving us other necessary things that helped pave the way to create this activity. The pace of the game was pedestrian and the gremlins resembled human figures. Related Jobs.

In one extreme Cincinnati case, unemployed mother Sandra Hacker allegedly spent over 12 hours a day secluded from her three young and neglected children while she surfed the Web.

The adult users generally use This study will help them to have more information or an additional reference on their research. That is why all high schools must make a computer literacy course a requirement for graduation.

Some researchers however argue that Computer Games can and do have positive effects on children. Moreover, sport and violent games were more attractive for boys.

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