The canterville ghost 3 essay

The canterville ghost 3 essay

She is also shown to be considerate towards the ghost and even asked him if he would like a remedy for an upset stomach. He bore Washington a special grudge, being quite aware that it was he who was in the habit of removing the famous Canterville blood-stain by means of Pinkerton's Paragon Detergent.

Miss Otis was highly spirited and had won a horse race against Lord Bilton. But, humorously, none of these scare the Otises in the least.

The ghost is drawn to Virginia for precisely the same reason the living are drawn to someone: unlike the rest of her family, she is nice to him. Sir Simon misunderstands the Otises just as they misunderstand him, and, by pitting them against each other, Wilde clearly wishes to emphasize the culture clash between England and the United States.

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Some prefer to write about this verse as if the faith of believers in Christ is what reveals the righteousness of God. But the story has a dark center.

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The Canterville Ghost Chapter 3 Summary