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Many Muslim Muhajirs came to Karachi after independence from India to escape anti-Muslim programs in the country.

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This rapid growth is expected to make the city of Karachi the seventh largest in the world by While the summers are hot and humid, cool sea breezes typically provide relief during hot summer months, though Karachi is prone to deadly heat waves, [65] though a text-message based early warning system is now in place that helped prevent any fatalities during an unusually strong heatwave in October This is why Karachi today has many South Asians.

Between the hills are wide coastal plains interspersed with dry river beds and water channels.

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The city's highest monthly rainfall, Known as the Father of Modern Karachi, mayor Seth Harchandrai Vishandas led the municipal government to improve sanitary conditions in the Old City, as well as major infrastructure works in the New Town after his election in The second largest ethnic group are the Pashtuns, originally from Afghanistan and Balochistan, who have been in the city for decades.

Karachi has million ethnic Bengalis from Bangladesh, most of whom came during the s and s. Bythe community was mostly comprised of indigenous Balochis and Sindhis.

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This village became a settlement called Kolachi-jo-Goth, which was trading across the Arabian Sea by the early 18th century. This makes Karachi the largest city in Pakistan.

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Karachi's population is now growing much faster than projected. In , the first telegraphic message was sent from South Asia to England from Karachi. By the end of the 19th century, Karachi's population was estimated to be , Karachi also has a large number of Western expatriates, including Polish, American and British expatriates. Kolachi settlement[ edit ] Karachi was founded in as the settlement of Kolachi under the rule of the ethnically Baloch Talpur Mirs of Sindh. This village became a settlement called Kolachi-jo-Goth, which was trading across the Arabian Sea by the early 18th century. The s and s saw an influx of thousands of Afghan refugees from the Soviet—Afghan War into Karachi; who were in turn followed in smaller numbers by refugees escaping from post-revolution Iran. This migration lasted until the s. This means Karachi is by far more dense than any other "megacity" with an urban population of more than 10 million except Dhaka , Bangladesh , and Mumbai. The earliest inhabitants of the Karachi region are believed to have been hunter-gatherers , with ancient flint tools discovered at several sites. In , Karachi had an estimated population of more than 16 million people, which makes it the the 7th largest urban agglomeration and the largest city in the Muslim world. The name Karachee was used for the first time in a Dutch document from , in which a merchant ship de Ridderkerk is shipwrecked near the original settlement. This makes Karachi the largest city in Pakistan. By the time Pakistan gained independence in , the population was mostly Sindhi and Baloch Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus.
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