The souls prayer sarojini naidu

The souls prayer sarojini naidu

What will He teach her? As her soul will be satiated of these extremes, she will now long for peace. She was the second woman to become the president of the Indian National Congress in and the first Indian woman to do so. In these lines God informs her that after having experience of all the love, joys and highs and lows of life, her soul would not be satisfied but it will yearn to be released from the blind prayer and then tired and forgiven her soul will beg to learn about peace, instead of intensity. The Lord answers her prayer. He assures the poetess that she shall drink of both joy and fame. Fire is the only basic element with the exquisite quality of cleansing without polluting itself unlike the other imperative elements.

Please also note that the request she makes of the Lord is actually a demand, a command, to be precise. Seeing that large issues emerge from this discussion, the theme is about the nature of existence. Her poetry is appreciated, for its bird like quality. Feel more than welcome to drop in your comments and share your insights.

If sevenfold means either of these, what's height doing after that?

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Posted by. You will only get hurt and come crying. I have the vision and the desire, but not the voice. Patel, Sardar Vallabhbhai.

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The poem succeeds, in a simple way, to allow the reader, a glimpse at least, of the mystery of the Creator, and indeed many place, however tiny it maybe, in the scheme of the universe. The poem doesn't tell us whether the protagonist finally got what she wanted, but it does tell us that the Lord gave her ultimate answer even before she actually asked the question.

Going Beyond.

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