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Also, excessive resources should also be utilized using backward, forward, or horizontal integration as effective strategies.

We need to upgrade our technology but we must not rely on it. Total area being leased from the PNB is 15, Weakness 1. As for its weaknesses, the decline in the number of the passengers carried placed the major weakness of PAL since the passengers are relevant to the revenue that the company could earn.

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With these, the managers had rated the different airlines as to their response in the factors enumerated. Not all members are informed on methods of acquiring Mabuhay Miles. External Assessment A. The higher rating shows that firm strategy is doing well to support this critical success factors and lower rating means that firm strategy is lacking to support the factor. This tragedy must be a wakeup call for them to upgrade both their weapons and gadgets. If the said gadgets were present, there might be a big possibility that the hostage taker was taken out immediately before the hostages were killed. In the EFE Matrix, as shown above, it visualizes and prioritizes the opportunities and threats that a business is facing, PAL got a score of 2. Managing a fleet of thirty-two modern wide-bodied and narrow-bodied passenger aircraft makes the Philippine Airlines a confident national airliner for the Philippine nation. Part of the reason why the number of airlines operating in the Philippines has not increased and has in fact declined over the years can be attributed to the unfriendly and grossly onerous tax regime for international airlines in the Philippines.

On top of these layers of political units is an omnipotent central government headed by a President whose constitutional powers of general supervision over all these local entities are exercised in the form of appointing city department heads such as police chiefs and city attorneys and reviewing city and municipal budgets before they go into effect.

Development of new technologies changes the existing culture of the airline industry such as in booking, ticketing, and reservations. These are the factors that PAL is facing in the external market or environment within the industry that they are in.

The Airline industry could innovate planes that are environment friendly to respond the need for environment preservation. The fare is wise enough to correspond to the services and facilities that it offers.

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The purpose of this article is to discuss the role social forces played in the improvement of central-local relationships and evaluate the significance of these improvements in the context of Filipino ideas of politics and in the framework of their government.

This might be true but with good tactics, anything is possible.

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It suggests that this unit has a low market growth but with high market share.

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