Well elder project

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S some stretching and range-of-motion exercises that she could perform while sitting in her living room. I thought that I would deal with physical problems of my client, but I learned that I had to understand my client as a unitary whole in mutual process with his environment. S is regarding her history of failing to contact emergency services when needed. She called her son and then her doctor. She uses a soft bristled tooth brush and knows to be careful of activities that may cause bleeding injuries. I do, however, feel that she passes much of her alone time by watching television when she seems as if she would prefer to be doing something else. Her informal network of support includes friends, neighbors and other members of her church who visit or help her as needed. We resolved this issue by installing two new smoke detectors during my second home visit. The caution probably hails from her having experienced as fall in the past.

She has had no history of decubitus ulcers or skin integrity issues of any kind. Luckily this episode was not a full-blown stroke but was only a minor transient ischemic attack.

I made sure that they are within Mrs. As a sister, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Mrs. I toured her kitchen and saw plenty of evidence of this statement.

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Mobility was not a debilitating factor for her either. S defies all of these stereotypes. She called her son and then her doctor.

Well elder project

I toured her kitchen and saw plenty of evidence of this statement. I explained that these exercises can be fun and may prevent the pooling of blood in her veins which may prevent blood clots. This state of mind will stay with me throughout my education and practice as I develop skills to implement evidence-based nursing interventions for all of my patients. I am lucky to be free of pain. I explained that she must dial or press her life-alert button immediately if she falls, experiences any memory or mental status issues, numbness, tingling, weakness, dizziness, blurred vision, paralysis, pain, difficulty breathing, bleeding or any other sudden changes. Patients can experience physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual agony. I will not call anyone else before emergency services. On the day that I first met Mrs. I decided to teach Mrs. S revealed a few health issues including hypothyroidism and cardiac issues. She had been living in Chicago since she was born in At ninety-two years of age, she is a highly functional elder. S is quite independent and is currently planning a trip to Paris, France. S is a highly functional elder with relatively few health problems as compared to the general public.
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