What are two major benefits and two major risks of scientific and technological advancements

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The "mad scientist" stereotype might cause non-scientists to assume scientists are all knowing about their field, or entirely benevolent in its technological implementation. Disadvantages and risks of technology On the other hand, the evolution of modern technology has disadvantages, for example, dependence on new technology. We are living longer. Even the Communist world got richer. Moving forward after Sendai: How countries want to use science, evidence and technology for disaster risk reduction. Today, this is impossible. The world is, in general, far safer, healthier, wealthier and nicer than it has ever been. In conclusion, the role of science and technology is recognized in the Sendai Framework, and there is strong momentum at the regional level to bring it forward. What we do with our money might be, however.

References Aitsi-Selmi, A. It is certainly true that the war sped the development of several weaponisable technologies and medical advances. Recommended References. Does any of this really matter? Implementation needs multistakeholder collaboration, partnership, and mutual ownership of the problem and solution.

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Aitsi-Selmi, P. The time for a new drug candidate to gain approval in the US rose from less than eight years in the s to nearly 13 years by the s.

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None of these new treatments is yet routinely available. After the dizzying breakthroughs of the early- to midth century, physics seems Higgs boson aside to have ground to a halt.

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Bythose old prejudices were on the back foot.

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Has progress in science and technology come to a halt?