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It is the guns, therefore, who have had the last laugh — only the guns who triumph. To reference the title of the poem, Wilfred describes the weapons getting the last laugh at the end of each stanza.

The last laugh wilfred owen

It also draws allusions to his poem Exposure, primarily through the use of the single-focus perception. His flowery speech confuses and disguises any possible motives, however, and the mystery is left unsolved. It is consistent throughout most of the poem until the last line, where it had more of a serious tone. This one, dying, calls out to his lover, but it is to no avail; she is far from home, and she is not hearing him. This metaphor helps the reader use his or her imagination. Their only companions are the weapons that deride them with their indiscriminate and random attacks. The poem was effective in conveying Owens feelings because of all the techniques used in the poem.

The soldier could still be a young boy who has lied about his age to get into the army. The third soldier who is in love calls for his partner but he only ends up kissing the mud instead of the girl which is very ironic and parody of a romantic gesture is shown here.

Owen uses personification and onomatopoeia in this stanza also as the weapon taunts the young soldier.

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The attitude of the person or narrator in the poem towards the irony that she or he had experienced is sad but keeps steadfast to survive. Machine-guns chuckled,-Tut-tut!

The second stanza takes a different soldier — one who calls out to his family at the moment of his death, to no avail.

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Communication, either aloud or in the heart, with God.

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Analysis of Wilfred Owen’s The Last Laugh Essays